Condenser Auto Engine Cooling System for Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo, Ssangyong, Samsung and others

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Seoul, South Korea
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Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo, Ssangyong, Samsung


Heat exchanging process of a condenser is a process of external discharging of the heat.

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Located up-front side of the vehicle’s engine room, the purpose of CONDENSER is to transform the refrigerant that has been transferred to the compressors after its heat exchanging process with the air has been completed, which is of high temperature and pressure in vaporized state, to a liquid state. Heat exchanging process of a CONDENSER is a process of external discharging of the heat, which has been transferred by the EVAPORATOR that is located within the Air-Conditioning system inside a vehicle.

Characteristics & Advantages
Light-Weight, High Performance CONDENSER
By applying separable IRDS CONDENSERS, the performance of an Air-Conditioning system can be improved through by decreasing the temperature of refrigerant at liquid state that passes through the CONDENSER, which is achieved by improving the heat exchanging efficiency within a CONDENSER by itself, and it also helps to decrease the refueling amount of the refrigerant. HCC’s highly efficient CONDENSERS provides excellent heat exchanging performances with it’s combinations of ultra thin TUBES and FINS and with it, fuel efficiency can be greatly improved through power reductions that are required by the COMPRESSORS.

High Class Optimum Design
HCC provides CONDENSERS with various thickness types based on characteristics of a vehicle and even if it is of small size, it can still provide adequate performance they are all highly efficient CONDENSERS.

Durability, Anti-Corrosion
All the performance and durability tests that are required to verify the capability of the CONDENSERS can be taken with our own equipment at HCC, HCC’s CONDENSERS have fulfilled all the requirements related to durability and anti-corrosion issues that are being requested by the customers of all ready-to-drive vehicles.

With HCC’s IRDS CONDENSERS, the number of component used in assembly process can be reduced through integrated brazing processes of Liquid Receiver Dryers and CONDENSERS.

HCC’s CONDENSERS provides various performance results depending on it’s thickness, FINS and TUBES. Category classifications based on the thickness are as follows;

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