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Makeup Base
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cosmetic recipes but also nature and science based cosmetic recipes with Art Character Cosmetics

Brand Identity - Beauna



1. Art Character Cosmetics

2. Main Target : 10s~20s

3. Naming : Beauna

4. Beauna = Beautiful + Natural = Natural Beauty

5. Beauna = Beautiful + Na(Self) = Beautiful Self

6. World, The only one I cherish

7. Pure + Botanical + Funny

8. Delivery of a story reflecting freshness of the green and

purity of nature as well as fun and affection


“BeauNa” is a compound made of Beautiful, Nature and Na(Myself).

The Product focuses on the process of making its users become more natural

and beautiful.

It contains the purity of the nature and the freshness of plants, providing its

users with a chance to user the art character cosmetics filled with fun and




Product Intro


1. Real White Soothing

- Mist(110ml / 11,000 won)

- Toner(150ml / 14,800 won)

(Whitening Function)

- Emulsion(150ml / 14,800 won)

(Whitening Function)


[Whitening Function] Moisture + Whitening +

cooling Toner . Emulsion

6 Free (Paraben, Benzophenone, Artificial dyes,

Mineral Oil, GMO, TEA)


7 Free (Paraben, Benzophenone, Alcohol,

Artificial dyes, Mineral Oil, GMO, TEA)

Bamboo Sap Extract keeps a balanced level of

moisture and oil on your skin, making itself

instantly absorbed on your skin With a

patented combination of elements used to

relieve the stimulation given to your skin and

provide healing substances (Patent No. 10-

0812596) and Mineral Water the product

cools down your skin and provides it with

enough nutrients and moisture.




2. Cool Skinny Pore

- Mist(110ml / 11,000 won)

- Toner (150ml / 13,500 won)

- Emulsion(150ml / 13,500 won)

[Sebum controlling + Pore managing]

Toner . Emulsion

6 Free (Paraben, Benzophenone, Artificial

dyes, Mineral Oil, GMO, TEA)


7 Free (Paraben, Benzophenone, Alcohol,

Artificial dyes, Mineral Oil, GMO, TEA)

Evermat™and witch hazel water manages

wide and lappeted pores while controlling

the secretion of sebum. With the patented

substances of phyto oligo (Patent No. 10-

0887294), deep ocean water, product

helps you to maintain your skin refreshed

and healthy with moist.




3. Pure Skin All in One Cream

(80g / 14,000 won)

(Whitening Function)

Whitening Function]

6 Free (Paraben, Benzophenone, Artificial

dyes, Mineral Oil, GMO, TEA)

Contains 20% of mineral water (Onyang


With a sufficient amount of mineral

waterand patented“natural moisture (Patent

No. 10-0910747)”, the product can be

applied to your skin and absorbed on it to

provide a moisture protective film which

prevents moisture from disappearing. The

product maintains your skin moist

throughout the entire day.



4. Pure Skin Powdery Sun Cream

(50g / 9,800 WON)

(3 Function )

[3 Function]

UV block(SPF50+,PA+++) + Whitening + Anti-wrinkle

5Free (Paraben, Artificial dyes, Mineral oil, Animal

material, TEA)

With effective block-out of UV rays, the sunscreen

promises broad protection against both UVA (PA+++)

which speeds skin aging and UVB (SPF50+) that

increases risk of sunlight burn and skin cancer.

Extracts from fermented organic grain moisturize and

light up facial complexion.




5. Wanna Be Sweet

(4g / 8,500 won)

Paraben Free, Alcohol Free

It is easy to carry and use this perfume whose

content can be replaced without worrying

about any leakage or drop. Even with a small

amount, you can have a delicate kind of

fragrance for a long time.

Baby Powder - You can enjoy a pounding

feeling with the fragrance consisting of fresh

lemons and citrons !

Citrus - You can enjoy a pounding feeling with

the fragrance consisting of fresh lemons and

citrons !

Fruit Basket - You can enjoy a romantic feeling

with the fragrance consisting of a mixture of

sweet and sour berries !




6. Hand in hand Cream

(35ml / 3,000 won)

5 Free (Paraben, Alcohol, Pigment, Phthalate,


Shea butter and various vegetable elements

provide your dry and rough hands with a

feeling of moisture through the cover of water

and nutrients.

Like fresh cream, the hand cream can be

spread softly without any feeling

of stickiness. It provides your hands with

refreshing effects and helps them

to maintain moist for a long time.


Always refreshing with the sweet-and-sour

fragrance of lemons.

-Steam milk-

Always sweet with the warm fragrance of milk.


7. Multi Fit BB Cream

(30g / 10,800 won)

(3 Functional Cosmetics)

# 1 – Light Beige

# 2 – Natural Beige

-#1 Light Begie

-#2 Natural Begie

[3 Functional cosmetics]

Whitening + Wrinkle Care + Protection

against UV rays(SPF 30)

The BB cream full of vitality with a smooth

fitting function

6 Free (Paraben, Tar color, Benzophenone,

Alcohol, Mineral Oil, TEA)

It contains various vegetable ingredients,

making your skin become pure, clean and

glossy with a bright color. You do not have to

worry about your skin becoming dark.




8.AC Healing BB Cream

(30g / 9,900 won)

(SPF 38 PA++)

The soft and moistureless BB cream for oily

and combined types of skin

6 Free (Paraben, Tar color, Benzophenone,

Mineral Oil, Alcohol, TEA)

With the natural kind of wax made of olive oil,

it can be applied on your skin softly and

smoothly. It can cover the unevenskin color

caused by blemishes and allergies clearly and

naturally. It minimizes the level of stimulation

on your skin. It contains.